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Unpublishing Sacrifice

After thoughtful consideration, I've made the decision with agreement from the publisher to remove Sacrifice from the Salvation Society world.

I first found Corinne Michaels and her books early into her publishing the Salvation series, so when I say I feel incredibly grateful to write Sacrifice in connection to her world, it's a huge understatement. I'm so thankful to Corinne and her team for the opportunity. They have been wonderful to work with!

I intend to rebrand and revise the story and re-publish it later this summer, as an addition to the A Heart's Compass world. While I don't have any set dates yet, I wanted to give you the chance to snag a copy of Sacrifice before it's unpublished on June 1st.

You purchase a copy of Sacrifice for a limited time, along with a signed paperback. After June 1st, I will be re-publishing it on Amazon as Where You Belong, the fifth book in the A Heart's Compass series.

Thank you to everyone who has read and supported this series and the Salvation Society world.



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