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The Rivals We Hate is LIVE!

The Rivals We Hate is LIVE on Amazon and available to read in Kindle Unlimited. 💙

If a rivals to lovers set in a small college town is your jam and you were a fan of One Tree Hill, I think you'll love Beckham and Hallyn's story! 💙

Rule #1 — Don't fall in love with your boyfriend's rival

Football players are treated like royalty in our small town, which makes Beckham Carver their king. And as the new quarterback of the Braysen Bulldogs, he's also my boyfriend's biggest rival.

Add that to the list of reasons I should stay far away from him.

But when my truck breaks down, Beckham makes me an offer I can't refuse: He'll repair my pickup in exchange for me tutoring him.

I have only one stipulation—no one, including my boyfriend, can find out.

The more I try to convince myself and Beckham that I hate him, the more he pushes my buttons to prove me wrong.

Worse, the lines we've drawn between us blur as we spend more time together. And when my relationship comes crashing down around me, I almost forget why I couldn't stand him all along.

If I've learned one thing about Beckham Carver, it's that he always gets what he wants...

... and now, he's set his sights on me.



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