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The Plays We Fake is LIVE!


The Plays We Fake is LIVE on Amazon and available to read in Kindle Unlimited. 💙

If you love fake dating romance with One Tree Hill vibes mixed in with some playful banter and sizzling tension, then you won't want to miss Hayes & Everly's story! 🥰

Grab your copy on Amazon or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited at:

Hayes Carver is college football's leading receiver, and he scored himself a new fake girlfriend.

I've heard the rumors about the football players in our small town. Trouble always has a way of finding them, and the girls can't get enough of their wild ways.

Hayes Carver has the bad-boy reputation down to go with his scoring records and good looks.

Everything changes after the game that destroyed his image and painted him as a dirty player. From the press and social media to his coach and teammates, the pressure is building, and he can't seem to escape the constant scrutiny.

When his limits are tested, Hayes turns to me for a way out.

He proposes that I play along as his fake girlfriend in hopes it changes the narrative and takes the pressure off him.

The rules are set in stone. Faking a relationship with him won't be easy, and falling for him is out of the question.

Yet the more time we spend together, the more the lines between what's real and fake begin to blur.

Hayes needs me to help save his reputation, but to do it, I'll have to risk my heart.

Grab your copy on Amazon or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited at:



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