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the games we win


Title: The Games We Win

Series: Braysen U (Prequel)

Release Date: July 4th, 2024

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About the Book:

I've been told to stay away from football players my whole life. Dating one was out of the question. That's what happens when your brother warns his teammates you're off-limits.

It wasn't just him—my parents controlled every move I made throughout high school. Now, with graduation behind me, the life I've been planning with my best friend is finally coming together.

✓ Get accepted to Braysen University
✓ Join the Bulldogs Dance Team
✓ Find an apartment
✓ Soak up every ounce of freedom

Everything was going perfectly until I arrived to pick up our new apartment keys and discovered water damage made it temporarily uninhabitable. My brother, Alec, would offer me his couch, I’m sure, but that's not an option I’m willing to consider.

I want to prove to myself I can handle this on my own. So when Colter Vaughn, the football team captain and Alec’s former teammate, suggests I stay with him, I happily agree.

Except he failed to mention one small detail—the room he’s offering is his.

I've spent my life playing it safe. If keeping this secret means I get to share a bed with Colter, it's a risk I’m willing to take.

The Games We Win was previously featured in The Trouble With Bad Boys Anthology


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