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When I'm on your Hype Team, does that mean I have to sign up for release promotions as well?

Signing up for the Hype Team is simply keeping you informed of updates specific to your opt-in preferences.


If you opt into the following: 

  • Cover Reveals - You will receive details on all upcoming cover reveals

  • Release Announcements - You will receive details on all upcoming releases

  • Weekly/Monthly Rebel Posts - You will receive details on all teaser blasts

If you're on Brooke's Hype Team and want to opt into other events, like release boost or express interest in an ARC, you will want to fill out the specific release promotion form. We've kept it simple for those who are already on the Hype Team - all you have to do is enter your name, email, and select which release promotions you'd like to opt into from there. Easy peasy!

What about ARC's? How do I sign up for those? 

Being a Hype Team member means you will be notified of ARC opportunities, however you will not automatically be eligible to read an ARC. The intention behind this for you to not feel forced into reading. Not everyone will be interested in every book, and that's okay! Maybe your calendar is full and it's not the best time. I want you to have a choice! 

How do I sign up for your ARC team?

I will be opening up my ARC team Summer 2023 to a core group of individuals who would like to sign up to read all new releases. You can leave the group at any time. You must have read at least four of Brooke's books to be eligible to join. 

Details will be sent to the Hype Team members who express interest in ARC opportunities, as well as shared on social media for visibility. 

I received a spot on Brooke's Rebel ARC team. Am I still on the Hype Team? 

ARC Team means you're signed up to receive advance review copies of Brooke's books only. If you've signed up to be notified of upcoming releases, cover reveals, promotional posts, etc - then this means you no longer have to sign up for any of Brooke's forms. 

I've signed up for Brooke's Hype Team, but due to changes in my life, I'm not able to participate any longer or would like to change my opt-in preferences.

No problem at all! I completely understand life happens and your interests change. Maybe you started a new job, welcomed a new member to your family, or you've gotten away from reading lately. Whatever the reason, don't fret!

If you'd like to remove yourself completely, simply select unsubscribe at the bottom of my email. You're welcome back anytime! Or, if you'd like, you can re-sign up and change your opt-in preferences.

For example, if you've been supporting me by sharing weekly posts, but this has gotten to be too much for you, you can unsubscribe and re-enroll. Let's say you wish to only participate in new releases. I'd recommend opting back in for new releases, ARC opportunities, and cover reveals. Or maybe only one of those. Whichever you prefer!


I want you to enjoy reading and supporting me. No pressure, no stress!

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