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a love letter from mav


To my Rebel ♥

It’s crazy to think it’s been ten years since the day I bumped into you, flying past me on your skateboard. Ten years I’ve been in love with you and, for so long, I kept those feelings bottled up and locked away.

Even when I was a stubborn teenager, too afraid to admit to myself and the people around us how I felt about you, my heart knew how it felt the moment it saw you. I found peace being near you I hadn’t felt before but had been searching for most of my life.

It’s our first of many Valentine’s Days together as a couple. I’ll thank God every day I’m able to wake up next to you and show you how much you mean to me.

Like the vines tattooed on your arm, you’ve woven yourself into my life and around my heart. Choosing you was the best decision I ever made and I’m so thankful you never gave up on me. I’ll continue to choose you every day for the rest of our life. 

Every beat of my tattered heart is for you.


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