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a love letter from brix


          My leg bounces counting in time to the beat of the music as I read along with lyrics scrawled on the paper in front of me. Every so often, my eyes chance a glance at the clock ticking by on the wall across the room.
          Scratching my pencil over the words before, I roughly tear out the page, crumpling it and tossing it absentmindedly toward the garbage adding to the forgotten pile left littering the floor.
          I drag my hands harshly over my face, checking the time once more, only to find not even a minute has passed since the last time I looked.
          Where is Ivy? Why hasn’t she come home?
          Letting out a heavy sigh, I lean over the pad of paper once again and write. Only this time, it’s not the lyrics that come to me. 
          This time, it’s all the words I wish I could say to her.


          I hate how quiet it is around the house without you. Each second feels like hours, and I’m left wondering where you are. It’s Day Three since I’ve last seen you. I’ve contemplated picking up my phone and dialing Kyla’s number, hoping like hell she’d tell me.
          I forgot what it was like living alone and the silence that comes with it. Before our parents told me you were coming to stay here, I was used to it. Now, with you gone, the walls seem to echo around me. For years I’ve gone to bed every night to the sound of music blaring—the only way I could bring myself to fall asleep drowning out the deafening sound of my loneliness. Since you’ve been here, every night I lie in bed with thoughts of you next door swirling through my mind, only now I wish I were next to you.
          It’s got me thinking about the past and how we got here. Do you remember our junior year when we were partnered up together on that project in Mr. Ferguson’s history class? I remember so vividly the look on your face when he announced to the class we’d be working together. You still were going by the motto of, “you go your way, I’ll go mine.” Except, even then, I couldn’t seem to stay away from you. 
          You can’t deny the pull we feel when we’re around each other. I’m not supposed to want you as much as I do, but, damn, I can’t help it. You can insist you hate me, but I know you feel it, too. Some nights when I’m lying there, I’ve wondered what you’d say if I walked into your room and crawled into bed next to you. Would you push me away or would you finally give in to me, to the connection between us we’ve been fighting since the moment you walked through the fuckin’ door?
          God, just picturing you curled up on your bed in nothin’ but your t-shirt makes my dick hard. Your fuckin’ legs are what dreams are made of, and I’ve spent many nights imagining them wrapped around my waist while I take you, pleasuring you in ways you’ve never even dreamed of.
          You can keep running away from me, Ivy. Make your excuses, keep tellin’ me and yourself why this wouldn’t be a good idea. 
          I promise you one thing, and mark my words, I’m gonna make you MINE. 


Grab your copy of Brix, a stepbrother bully romance, to find out what happens between the sizzling connection between Brix and Ivy.



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