Announcement: Transitioning from Kindle Unlimited to "Wide" distribution

★ Important Announcement ★

Starting out as a new author in May 2017, I often felt clueless navigating this big world of self-publishing. I knew I wanted to write more books, reach more readers and hopefully someday be able to do this full-time as a career. I was doing all I could to get my name out there to reach all of you and one of them was by enrolling my books in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (KU) program.

As a reader, I know it brings the option of giving new-to-you authors a try to see if their books are for you. I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to get to connect with you. After taking a step back and re-evaluating my long-term goals and consideration some of the challenges I've faced in publishing exclusively through Amazon, I've made the decision to pull my books from the KU program the end of this month and distribute them wide.

What does this mean for you? When an author says their books are "wide", it means they've made them available through major booksellers, such as Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble/Nook, Kobo, Google Play, etc.

If you are someone who's enrolled in KU and chooses to read your books this way, unfortunately, my books will no longer be enrolled through this program after September 1st. You can still, however, purchase them from Amazon and enjoy reading them on your Kindle.

I understand this may be disappointing to anyone who chooses to read exclusively through the KU and I'm sorry to do that. While I don't want to close the door on you as a reader, I also know I've closed the door on many readers who choose to read on these other platforms as well. I hope you'll continue to join me as I have many exciting things coming your way in the near future!

Note: You can still download and enjoy any of my books on Kindle Unlimited between now and when they are removed. Even if you don't start until after they're removed, the book will be available in your device until returned back to Amazon.

Thank you for understanding!

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