Stock Your Kindles - New Releases, Sales & Freebies!

It's Friday and time to load up that Kindle for the weekend! I've got New Releases, Sales & Freebies listed below for you to download! Please be aware, all prices are listed at the time of posting, but won't be updated. Before downloading, please double check the price.

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Park Avenue Princess by Laura M. Baird -

Wild Rebel by Laurelin Paige -

Bachelor Swap by Lacey Black -

Dirty Talker by Mira Lyn Kelly -

Crash by Grahame Claire -

Until That Knight by Melissa Williams -

Corrupted by Addison Cane -

323 Tender Way by Mila Crawford & Aria Cole -

Dare to Tease by Carly Phillips -

Royally Drained by Kat Addams -

Hawk by Serena Akeroyd -

The Right Kind of Wrong by Fabiola Francisco -

One More Time by Aurora Rose Reynolds -

Stolen by the Boss by Logan Chance -

Hazed by Kandi Steiner -

Hard Luck by Sara Ney -

Vicious Little Snakes by Trilina Pucci -

Burnout by Tori Fox:

All In by J.L. Drake:

Rebel Rook by Ren Alexander:

Tattered by Mignon Mykel:

Off the Track by Chelle Sloan -

*Deals priced at posting. Please check price before downloading!

Hate to Want You anthology -

Frenemies by Emma Hart -

The Thunderbolt by Lori Wilde -

Taming the Tease by Golden Angel -

Falling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert -

Rapturous by Marie Force -

Midnight Kiss by Lisa Marie Rice -

Hitching the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox -

When We Touch by Tia Louise -

Wild Child by Audrey Carlan -

*FREE at posting. Please check price before downloading!

Hate to Date You by Monica Murphy -

Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid -

Spinning Out by Lexi Ryan -

Baking Me Crazy by Karla Sorensen -

The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan -

Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife by Julia Kent -

Frenched by Melanie Harlow -

Charmed by the Bartender by Piper Rayne -

Fighting for What’s His by Laura Kaye -

The Rules of Friends with Benefits by Lauren Blakely -

Gods & Monsters by Saffron A Kent -

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