Stock Your Kindles - New Releases, Sales & Freebies!

It's Friday and time to load up that Kindle for the weekend! I've got New Releases, Sales & Freebies listed below for you to download! Please be aware, all prices are listed at the time of posting, but won't be updated. Before downloading, please double check the price.

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Cocky Corporal by April Canavan -

Devious Wingman by Casey Hagan -

The Strikeout by Meghan Quinn -

Reputation by Adriana Locke -

Rebel by Laura Pavlov -

Only One Night by Natasha Madison -

A Co-Worker’s Crush by Piper Rayne -

Dark by Aleatha Romig -

Change My Game by Kelsey Clayton -

The Fourth Time by Maya Hughes -

The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob by Pippa Grant -

Lizzy Goes Brains Over Braun by Jasinda Wilder -

Campus King by Mickey Miller -

*Deals priced at posting. Please check price before downloading!

Hate to Want You anthology -

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann -

Play On by Samantha Young -

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron -

Stark Security Collection by J Kenner -

Ruthless Princess by Rachel Van Dyken -

Kiss Me Tonight by Maria Luis -

Burn Falls by Kimberly Knight -

Reckless Night by S.M. West -

Sylvia Day Crossfires Novels 1-4 for $1.99-

*FREE at posting. Please check price before downloading!

On The Rox by Kat Addams -

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid -

Playboy by Logan Chance -

Interference by Mignon Mykel -

Once Upon A Dream by Sierra Simone -

Road to Hope by Piper Davenport -

No Reservations by Kate Aster -

The Endgame by Cleary James -