Stock Your Kindles - New Releases, Sales and Freebies!

It's time to stock up those e-readers again this week! I've got New Releases, Sales & Freebies listed below for you to download! Please be aware, all prices are listed at the time of posting, but won't be updated. Before downloading, please double check the price.

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Rebellion by Shioban Davis ⇾

Royal Watch by Stacey Marie Brown ⇾

The Ninth Inning by J. Sterling ⇾

Hate to Date You by Monica Murphy ⇾

Scoring Off the Ice by Stacey Lynn ⇾

Every Little Promise by Lexi Ryan ⇾

Easy Moves by Lea Coll ⇾

Beyond Dreams by Abby Brooks ⇾

Need You Now by Top Shelf Romance ⇾

Tell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh Rose ⇾

Wicked Ever After by Shayla Black ⇾

Never Kiss a Stranger by Logan Chance ⇾

Bachelor Boss by Sara Ney ⇾

Ashes by Aleatha Romig ⇾

Glass Heart Savage by Lindsey Ilser ⇾

Free My by Grahame Claire ⇾

Sweet Chaos by Emery Rose ⇾

Bury Me With Lies by S.M. Soto ⇾

*Deals priced at posting. Please check price before downloading!

Bane by LJ Shen is 99¢ ⇾

Playing for the Money by Stephanie Queen is 99¢ ⇾

The Boy Friend by Mika Jolie is 99¢ ⇾

Frevent by Claudia Burgoa is 99¢ ⇾

The Miles Family Series by Claire Kingsley, 5 books all 99¢ each ⇾

Fluffy by Julia Kent is 99¢ ⇾

I Love California Box Set by Kelly Jamieson is 99¢ ⇾

You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico is 99¢ ⇾

The Second Coming by Carrie Aarons is 99¢ ⇾

Where I Belong by J. Daniels is 99¢ ⇾

Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon is 99¢ ⇾

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon is 99¢ ⇾

Where The Blame Lies by Mia Sheridan is 99¢ ⇾

Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde is 99¢ ⇾

Talk British to Me by Robin Bielman is 99¢⇾

*FREE at time of posting. Please check price before downloading!

Hot Stuff by Lila Monroe ⇾

Hard Ball by CD Reiss ⇾

Out of My League by Jessica Prince ⇾

His for a Season by K.A. Linde ⇾

When You Became Mine by AS Teague ⇾

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow ⇾

Protecting the Heiress by Nana Malone ⇾

Pucks & Penalties by Helena Hunting ⇾

A Royal Mess by Vivian Wood ⇾

Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels ⇾

Where I Found You by Brooke O'Brien

Ruined Plans by Tracy Lorraine ⇾

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