Stock Your Kindles - New Releases, Sales, and Freebies!

It's time to stock up those e-readers again this week! I've got New Releases, Sales & Freebies listed below through today, April 3rd! Please be aware, all prices are listed at the time of posting, but won't be updated. Before downloading, please double check the price.

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Between Dawn & Dusk by Jamie Schlosser ⇒

My Sizzling Second Chance by Daniella Brodsky

Charmer by Kayley Loring ⇒

One Wild Kiss by Jessica Lemmon ⇒

Southern Storm by Brittainy Cherry ⇒

French Kiss by Stacy Travis ⇒

Across Eternity by Elizabeth O’Roark ⇒

Mayday by Kat Addams ⇒

Spiked by Love by Toni Aleo ⇒

Missing in Action by Kate Canterbary ⇒

Unicorn Untamed by Lin Reynolds⇒

Decadent Gift by Lauren Blakely⇒

Catch Twenty Two: Westover Prep Book 2 by Marie James ⇒

Real Liars by S.M. West⇒

Frat House Confessions: Brody by Bethany Lopez ⇒

Mum’s the Word by Staci Hart ⇒

Kiss Me, Baby by Fiona Davenport ⇒

A Royal Mistake by Piper Rayne ⇒

Letting Go by Kiki Malone ⇒

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout ⇒

*Deals priced at posting. Please check price before downloading.

Save The Date by Monica Murphy is 99¢ ⇒

Healthy Scratch by Robyn M. Ryan is 99¢

The Arrival of You by Beth Cranford is 99¢ ⇒

Moonshine Task Force by Laramie Briscoe is 99¢ ⇒

Crushing on Love by Melissa Foster is 99¢⇒

Love After All by Jaci Burton is $1.99⇒

Just One Night by Lauren Layne is $1.99⇒

Love Game by Emma Scott is 99¢⇒

Saved by the Cult by Winter James is 99¢ ⇒

*FREE at time of posting. Please check price before downloading!

Gypsy King by Devney Perry ⇒

Royal Bully by Rachel Van Dyken ⇒

Touch You Now by Carly Phillips ⇒

Mile High by Beth Cranford ⇒

Dead of Night by Emily Goodwin⇒

Rebel Heir by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward ⇒

Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros ⇒

Love Triangle by various authors⇒

Gorgeous by Lisa Shelby ⇒

Hard Place by Emily Goodwin⇒

The Confetti Pact by Lilly Bartlett ⇒

Burn So Good by J.H. Croix ⇒

Somewhat Scandalous by Pearl Darling ⇒

Where I Found You by Brooke O'Brien

Highlander’s Bride by Lexi Timms⇒

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