Stock up on these HOT new releases!


I've rounded up the newest releases from this past week for you! If you're looking for something to read this weekend, especially with the storms they're talking about hitting the US, here is your chance to stock up now.

➤ Desire After Dark Anthology -

➤ Deviant Knight by Tracy Lorraine -

➤ Empire of Sin by Rina Kent -

➤ Five by Sara Cate & Rachel Leigh -

➤ Only One Mistake by Natasha Madison -

➤ Hate to Love You by Staci Hart -

➤ Just a Kiss by Samantha Lind -

➤ The Hustler by Gina Azzi -

➤ Triple Threat by K. Webster -

➤ Baden by Sawyer Bennett -

➤ Campus Hottie by Jennifer Sucevic -

➤ Legend by Marie James -

If you know of any new releases I may have missed, feel free to share them in the comments. 🥰

Happy reading! 💖

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