I'm sorry I have to make this post - especially a few days away from the cover reveal of Tysin. It's the last thing I wanted to do. I'm not alone when I say 2020 was a challenging time and for many people, the start of 2021 has been more of the same. Between the derecho storm that hit Iowa in August, testing positive for COVID in November, and working retail during the holiday season — I've busted my butt however struggled to stay on top of my deadlines and, to be quite honest, I'm overwhelmed. I'm not someone who can focus on more than one book at a time, especially while working full-time and being a mom. When I'm writing a story, I live and breathe those characters. If I'm forcing it or I'm struggling with the direction the story is going, I shut down. That's where I'm at right now. I'm shutting down creatively and I refuse to force a book because the pressure of writing "The End" is getting to me. What I need right now is to take a step back, take a deep breath and refocus, then get back to work. If you pre-ordered Tysin or signed up for the promotional opportunities with Wildfire Marketing, you'll have emails coming to you soon informing you they've been canceled. I promise you I'm still working hard and will be taking some time away from social media. The next time I bring up Tysin, Sacrifice, or Reckless Rebound, it will be with an announcement of when they're coming your way. Thank you for your support! Brooke

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