Last chance!

HAFR’s 2022 Big Book of the Month Club Box Is Here!

We are so excited to have these 20 amazing authors to feature for 2022! Bringing you not one but TWO books every month, direct to your inbox!

Download the FREE collection:


Zoe Blake | Zoe York | Piper Rayne | Beck & Hallman | Frankie Love | Vivian Wood

Roxie Noir | Isabella Starling | Susannah Nix Charity Ferrell | Hope Ford

Charmaine Pauls | Tracy Lorraine | Kristen Luciani | Casey Hagen

Lauren Smith | Brooke O'Brien | Shaw Hart Jenna Hartley | Tara Wyatt

Download your copy of this amazing intro collection! It features a must-read from each of our authors. And then just sit back and get ready for your first FREE book to drop into your inbox in January!

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