Just A Lick is LIVE!

Imagine a book that allows you to get a taste of twenty-five authors then if you like it download the book for free and keep reading.

Sound fabulous? You can!

Just A Lick is FREE and allows you to taste then fill your ereader. It's available for a limited time.


Participating Authors: A.K. MacBride, Amanda Shelley, Brooke O'Brien, Brooke Summers,Callie Vegas, Danielle Norman, Denise Wells, Erika Kelly, Harlow Layne, Hope Irving, Jasmin Miller, Jessica Ames, Julie Morgan, Kristine Moran, K.L. Humphreys, Lauren Runow, Leela Lou Dahlin, Lexi Noir, Author MJ Fields, Rachel Leigh, Ryleigh Sloan, S.L Sterling, S.M. West, Sonnie Wolf, and Wendy Vella.

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