Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Last weekend during my Birthday Bash, we welcomed quite a few new members pushing us to 1700 Rebels! Woohoo!

When I was going through all my swag putting together my swag packs for winners, I found this bag I got when I ordered some books from The Bookworm Box during the Holidays. I thought, "Why not give it to the Rebels?!"

Who wants to win this swag pack including:

▪️ Signed copy of BRIX

▪️ Bookworm Box swag bag from the 2018 signing

▪️ Bookworm Box t-shirt (size Large) ▪️ Bookworm Box swag including socks, Good Deads Great Reads sticker, stress "book" (instead of a ball, lol.), and a rubber bracelet ▪️ Lots of swag I've collected over the years from signings - a great way to find new authors!

To enter, head over to Brooke's Rebel Readers!

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